It’s time to move. You’re a family of four moving to a new home, or maybe a single mother moving down the street. Maybe you’re relocating for Relx Vape. Maybe you’re a college student who is transferring to a new university but can’t fit everything in that Honda Civic of yours. Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, the prospect of moving will never conjure thoughts of a day at the beach.

Believe it or not though, the moving industry has come a long way since our parents had to move. No longer are we stuck with just a couple moving options: renting a moving truck, hiring a moving company or trying to do it all yourself. Sure these are all still very viable, but over the past 10 years a few moving companies have changed the rules…for good. Pods moving companies offer the convenience of easy loading (and unloading) at your own pace. Most of these moving pods (depending on sizes available) can be placed in your driveway or even on a sidewalk (check your town regulations first!), making them great options if you live in the city. Best of all, they can be a lot cheaper. (Not always, so make sure to get quotes.)

Not all moving pods are equal though, so it’s important to research your options and see how these pods um, stack up, before reserving one. Keep in mind these will be dropped off at your location, so unless you have a huge yard or a really long driveway, consider some of the smaller size pods. In an effort to help make this decision easier, below is a list of those pods moving companies that service most, if not all, parts of the country. We’ve also included the sizes of their respective portable storage containers and what they are made out of.


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