The allure of email has transcended both the fixed and wireless worlds. bulk sms is simply wireless, and more limited than email. I think the big difference between SMS and email is the amount and the size of the text message one can send. Where SMS is often used for personal short messages with the size of the text not exceeding .

Though viewing of attachments is not supported by many of our ordinary handsets but the rapid advancement in mobile technology has brought such email solutions to our door step which provides free email access on our ordinary mobile phones and that too with attachments.160 characters per message, email service can be utilized for sending from a short to a long descriptive email, with attachment of your pictures, sound.

I recently came to know about email@mobile providing free access to email on an ordinary GPRS compatible mobile handset along with attachments which not only included text and document files but image files too. Moreover you can use your existing mobile phone with a WAP 1.2 & above browser, to wirelessly access your e-mail box as well as register for new email ID through your basic mobile phone by logging on to on your mobile browser.

On the other hand, the best part about mobile email is that your phone memory is absolutely free and unaffected from unnecessary storage of messages, as the emails along with the attachments do not get stored in your phone memory .You only get a mobile view of them. Your emails remain in your mail box at the server. Whenever you want to access your email on your mobile phone you simply have to point your mobile browser to the URL like, enter your email-ID & password and your mails are pulled from the mail server to your mobile phone.


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