Television advertising has been a popular marketing portal from the moment the television found itself in household living rooms. At that time, iptv premium advertising was only monetarily feasible for large entities. Enter cable television, and television advertising became a viable option for small to medium businesses.

Despite the mass of advanced modern technology, such as computers, television is still the king of advertising. A Ball State University study on media consumption habits showed that television remains the most predominant form of media in the U.S. household, with the average household spending over 4 ½ hours in front of the television. So, there is little doubt that television is one of the, if not the, most powerful portal for advertising.

Television marketing is especially relevant for advertisers trying to reach the baby boomer generation. If the advertiser stops to contemplate a few questions, it is quite obvious why television advertising is the most effective marketing method to reach the baby boomer generation…

A study in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that boomers spent three times more time watching television than younger adults did. Television obviously comprises the greatest portion of how the baby boomer generation spends their free time. Therefore, it is the best marketing method to reach this group.

With age, reading the tiny print of newspapers and magazines often becomes difficult. Likewise, not all adults over 45 are going to own a computer or have the skills to use the internet. However, the majority of people born between 1946-1964 are going to have a television in their home. As evidenced above, it is already clear that they are watching it.

Advertising on television creates a unique opportunity for marketing, which doesn’t exist in radio, print, or web advertising. Television advertising reaches the baby boomer with sight, sound, and motion. This barrage on the senses allows the advertiser to go beyond a dull description and actually show the target audience why they should purchase the service or product. Many older adults are skeptical by nature. They need to see to believe. For baby boomers, television advertising also has an association with “success.” In other words, if the product or service has made it to television, then it must be something desirable and dependable.


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