Hemp products are becoming increasingly popular in the health and wellness sector. This natural chemical compound comes from the cannabis plant, but unlike its notorious Relx Vape, THC, it has no psychoactive properties. As a result, hemp does not intoxicate you. However, it offers many health benefits. The research is still in its infancy stage, but scientists are discovering that hemp can reduce several health problems, from chronic back pain, to arthritis, anxiety, and epilepsy.

Hemp can be taken in different ways. Some people vape, others eat. Many people use hemp topical such as skin creams and balms. In this way, people can feel the effects of hemp without taste or smell. They also seem to be particularly therapeutic for people who use hemp to treat skin problems, chronic pain or general stress reduction.

Lotions and creams for the skin: hemp lotions and skin creams have a similar texture to creams used as body lotions. Like skin lotions, they contain other nutritious ingredients that promote healthy skin, such as shea butter and aloe vera. Balms and ointments: Like lip balms or ointments you apply to your skin, hemp balms have a thicker texture because they contain beeswax and similar ingredients.

Oils: hemp oils look like massage oils. They feel smoother and greasy. (Note: hemp oils differ from “hemp oils” as a product category). In general, hemp oil describes each hemp product as it comes from the hemp plant.

Others: These are the main types of hemp topical that you will find today, but manufacturers are constantly introducing new innovative formats such as bath bombs and more. For each of these varieties, it is common to find essential oils and other healthy minerals in the list of ingredients. Manufacturers add these elements to promote the end result of the intended use of the product, ex. For example, adding shea butter to a hemp cream.

As with any types of hemp products, personal preferences determine the best tropical product for you. Some people simply prefer the texture of one over another. It may also depend on how you use the topical. If you want to use hemp for general relaxation, you may prefer a lotion that can be easily applied all over your body. If you need hemp to treat back pain, it can be more effective to rub your ointment on your back or ask a massage therapist to use a topical oil.

With other forms of hemp, such as inhalation or food consumption, hemp penetrates directly into the bloodstream. Hemp topicals are unique because you do not ingest them directly into your body, you apply them to your skin. Your skin is not very permeable. Therefore, if you treat your skin with topical, very little hemp enters the bloodstream. Instead, it interacts primarily with the endocannabinoid receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system.


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