Mining is a hazardous industry. This is the reason why it is necessary for all btc companies regardless of size and number of personnel, to implement effective steps that will reinforce safety and accident prevention.

Many mining companies invest millions on equipment and training to ensure safety. Despite this, accidents that involve the loss of life and property still occur on some mine sites. This should be avoided. Effective measures should be implemented to reinforce mining safety and prevent accidents.

Here are some of the ways to strengthen the safety of the mining industry:

1. Consistent Safety Training

All mining companies, regardless of size, must provide their workers with the necessary training. Even contractors and visitors to the mine site may be required to undergo the same training if certain situations call for it.

For purposes of training, a miner is defined as a person engaged in the extraction and production of minerals, or someone who is exposed to mine hazards on a regular basis. That person may be an ordinary worker, contractor, supervisor, or maintenance worker.

But as long as he is regularly exposed to the dangers of mining operations, he should undergo safety training.

Many advanced countries require compulsory yearly safety trainings for mine workers. This will ensure that all people engaged in the mining industry are aware of their responsibilities in keeping themselves safe and accident-free.

2. Upgrade in Technology

Mining companies should not stop to discover new techniques and build more efficient equipment in order to increase production and reduce accidents. The majority of mining incidents, especially in developing countries, are related to the lack of modern operation and safety equipment.

Accidents can be reduced with the help of modern technology. This includes the use of personal protective gear, efficient communication devices, specialized lighting equipment, explosives with programmable detonators, and specialized equipment that can replace humans in extremely dangerous work zones.

3. Press Freedom and Public Concern

When the press doesn’t have the freedom to disclose mining accidents to the public, mining safety standards in companies will have little chance of improvement. This is because the possibility of concealing incidents from the eyes of the public makes mining companies less concerned of their safety and health standards and conditions.

Freedom of expression should be granted to the press, trade unions, and non-government organizations as far as non-compliance of mining safety laws are concerned. These entities are the ones who can make mining companies fully aware of their deficiencies in health and safety.


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