Believe it or not, life hacks can also affect our lives. Many things we often think of as complicated but actually quite easy to overcome. Well, here are some life hacks recommended by how to get gold in Mafia City that you can try.

Life hack or life tips are very useful for everyday life. A collection of life hacks is also useful for overcoming trivial problems, ranging from homework, dealing with people, dieting, and so on. This trick makes it easier for us to live more effectively and efficiently.

The following is a collection of life hacks that can be applied. Let’s see!

1. For those of you who want a more natural diet, who knows the shape of the plate can help you

Diet trick without drugs and hassle is to replace the dinner plate. The dinner plate that you usually use today, will look a lot as usual. It’s different if you replace a smaller dinner plate. Even if filled, the food on the plate looks a lot, even though the plate is small. This will stimulate the brain to reduce the portion of food.

However, balance it with nutritious food intake. Healthy natural diet, the results will also be healthy right?

2. Lazy to use a ruler or meter? Use only the span of your hand when measuring objects

Rulers and meters do have measurements and precision values ​​in measuring objects. Unlike the span, which only relies on the estimated value of the size. However, keep in mind, measuring objects with inches can be precise if you spread your finger as far as possible above the ruler. Pay attention to the farthest distance of your finger. For example, if the furthest is 19 cm, then the size of 1 span is 19 cm. Please keep that in mind!

So, if you are going to estimate height or length, just use a span. Easy isn’t it?

3. Has your pen been stolen? Just outsmart by changing the contents

It must be annoying if someone just borrows a pen without permission. Not to mention if someone borrowed it but forgot to return it for a long time, it’s really annoying, isn’t it?

Instead of eating liver and goiter, it’s better to just replace the contents of the pen. For example, you have a stock of blue, black, and red pens. Change the contents of the three colors of the pen. People tend to borrow blue and black pens. Well, take the contents of the blue and black pen, then transfer it to the red pen. Fill the red pen, put in the blue and black pen. So, people also don’t think that the contents of the pen will be different, right?

4. Germs and Bacteria Are Not Only in Cellphones, Money, and Remotes, but in Menu Books!

This is the latest fact, if for example you go to a restaurant and hold a menu book, make sure your hands are washed immediately. Because no one will wash the menu book. Even though it has changed hands many times. Unlike the cellphone that is still wiped with a cloth or antiseptic tissue, money can be exchanged for a new one, or a remote that can be cleaned.

5. Signs of Rain, Watch for Animals and Clouds

Sometimes, we don’t think that the day is so hot, it suddenly rains a few hours later. You forgot to bring a raincoat or umbrella, and you got wet.

Instead of repeating the same mistakes, it’s better to watch for signs of rain. Rain is characterized by thick, gray clouds. The air feels hotter but humid and strong winds make your body uncomfortable.

What about animals? Dragonflies will fly low due to changes in air pressure. Usually, in the next 1-6 hours it will rain. So, you can prepare a raincoat and umbrella first.

6. Noisy When Watching Cinema? Know the Strategic Position!

Many people think that sitting at the back or above the cinema screen view is nice and comfortable. However, in terms of audio is not so good.

The best sound in theaters is usually two-thirds of the way from the front row and as close to the center as possible. In this position, the technicians will adjust the music and film sound to be more balanced. The possibility of sounding noisy still exists, but at the same time it also sounds clear. In terms of view, the position in the area is also balanced with the eye view. So, your neck doesn’t hurt.

7. Out of Nutella Chocolate Jam?

Nutella chocolate spread is actually easy to buy. However, because of its legendary chocolate taste, we don’t have the heart to finish it. And even if it runs out, even think twice because the price is a bit draining the pocket.

Instead of letting it sit, it’s better to finish off the remaining nutella chocolate jam by adding ice cream in the container. Let the ice cream melt in the bowl, then stir. Enjoy nutella chocolate jam ice cream with a piece of brownie cake.

8. Confused Where to Put the Spare Key? Hide with Rock Camouflage

Usually spare keys are simply placed in rocks, under pots, or tucked in places where no one can find them, but we are prone to forgetting. Instead of forgetting and getting confused, it’s better to put a spare key in a small tube. Here’s how.

Prepare stones, glue and a small tube. Put glue on the tube cap and stone. Then paste it. Let stand a few moments until dry and completely sticky. After that, prepare the tube without the lid, put your spare key in it. Then, cover it with a tube cap that has been glued together with stones.

Place the rocky jar lid where you usually store it. Make sure it fits, for example in a place where there are stones too. That way, your camouflage is successful and the safe backup key is left behind.

9. Your Sports Shoes Smell? Place a Newspaper.

Sports shoes smell, even though they have been washed a few days ago. This is because sweat and bacteria collect in the shoes. Not to mention that the soles are black because of skin contact and sweat is directly exposed to the soles of the feet.


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