Thanks to the immense media coverage of successful athletes who previously used steroids, teenagers throwing caution to the wind with their use. Unfortunately, irreparable damage and even death results from their uneducated use of this powerful drug. This indeed is serious. Anabolic steroids, a synthetic substance, promote the growth of skeletal muscles and are related to testosterone. Since their discovery in 1930, over 100 known buy steroids have been developed. Weight liters utilized this drug first after hearing about its effectiveness in building skeletal muscle in lab animals. Other athletes soon followed suit, and the results may forever change the outcome of sports.

Steroids are not always illegal. Doctors use them to treat impotence, delayed puberty, and even HIV infection. Though illegal in the United States, steroids find their way into the hands of teenagers through sophisticated smuggling rings and savvy drug dealers. Steroids can physically change a teenager’s body, and not always for good.

To take steroids, a user must inject them into his body. Unfortunately, users become sloppy, and many use non sterile injections or share needles with other users. Thanks to unregulated and many times dirty manufacturing environments, many users are at risk for hepatitis B and C, HIV, and other viral infections. Infections tend to form at the injection site where an abscess will eventually form. Endocarditis, or the inflammation of the inner lining of the heart, can also result from the dirty environment.

Liver tumors and blood filled cysts in the liver have been linked to steroid use as well. When the cysts rupture, they cause internal bleeding and other potential life threatening conditions. The cardiovascular system also suffers when an athlete shoots up with steroids. Heart attacks and strokes can happen to anyone on steroids, even teenagers. Many teenagers have died while taking steroids. Additionally, steroid use decreases the good levels of cholesterol. The risk of blood clots increases with steroid use as well. On a more vain side, steroids can cause skin problems like acne and cysts. Oily skin and hair also result from steroid use.

Hormonally steroids do irreversible and reversible damage. If the drug user stops after a short time, the otherwise irreversible effect of reduced sperm count and testicle shrinking can reverse. Other changes are not reversible, such as male pattern baldness and breast development in men. Conversely, women who take steroids often experience masculine traits, such as a loss of body fat, breast shrinkage, and coarse skin. A body hair begins to grow excessively while their scale hair thins. Women on steroids also tend to have an enlarged clitoris and deeper voice.


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