Dear fellow guitarists, let me quote my previous article about my BOSS PSM-5 A11 Pro & Master Switch which I almost discard providing it would not operate normally as it should be. Quote:BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch I am telling you about has to end its service to me in two options: first On/Off individually…click! I hang on my phone before he finish his words. What the shell is he talking about?

, I will give it a last shot by drawing a direct wire to external grounding source. If the loud humming could be cured this way, then I will keep it. If not, then it must go to the second final option: it has to go to the garbage bin. Cross out the store where I bought it from and I will ring another friend whose musical store is now getting famous in town to get a new fresh BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch.

I did him call asking for a new fresh BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch,he was not in, one of his storekeeper answer. I pass the request to him getting shocking answer that BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch is discontinued. What is the newer version then? Nothing, we have better option which is a more powerful adapter plus power supply to handle your pedals. How about the Master Switch function? Cannot, you must turn your pedals

After calm down I took a look at my legendary BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch and start thinking to myself. If it has to end this way then let it be. Let bygone be bygone. Before I said goodbye to it, Professor J’s last words before I left his place popped up in my mind and ringing in my ears.

I hope you can see clearly this a bit out of focus pic of my BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch showing thin flat washer and nut I removed from the Amp output socket. That should be the exact points of these nuts that drive me nuts! That is exactly the point “Professor J” showed me that evening. They are supposed to built a good surface to surface contact to the 1/4 mono plug at each of the BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master.

The tiny red straw is of rust remover spray. I washed clean all of the BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch Amp and Guitar output sockets by spray rust remover agent on and wipe them clean with tissue paper some 3 minutes afterwards. Pay special attention to clean the threaded section, rust and dirt perfect hide. Switch Amp and Guitar output sockets. I wish I have a better cam with me to take macro pic of the rotten rusted surfaces and edges of these nuts.

I gently rubbed the thin nut and flat washer on an extra fine sandpaper soaked with rust remover liquid. I do not have to show you how a melted rust looks like, right? Repeat the steps twice, re assemble them, plug the BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch back into its BCB 5 carrying box, plugin my Leo Fender’s handmade G&L, turn on my Peavey Bandit and let the BOSS PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch determines its own faith.


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