My father has what can only be described as fantastically good
luck or horribly bad luck. You’ll have to be the judge with this
one. This is a true StakeOnline Casino.Several months ago my parents went to a Biloxi casino and were
waiting in line for breakfast. The casino,The $600,000 Quarter – A True Story Articles being thoughtful for
its guests, not to mention making a few extra bucks for the
casino, had a line of slot machines that could be played while
people waited in line to get into the restaurant.

Dad decided to play a progressive slot machine while he waited.
He dropped a few quarters in, but wasn’t winning very much. Then
he dropped in two quarters and pulled the handle. Maybe it was
his lucky day. The first wheel came up Jackpot. The next wheel
came up Jackpot. The last wheel came up Jackpot. He got all three
Jackpots! $600,000!!!!! That’s what he would’ve won if he’d put
three quarters in the slot machine. Because he only put two
quarters in the slot machine, he didn’t win anything. Nothing.
Nada. Not only that, he lost the two quarters in the slot
machine. I guess that’s why they call it a one-armed bandit.


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