Perhaps no city in Florida offers more for the visitor than Miami architects, and getting there is only half the fun. There are many travel companies that work closely with the airlines in order to offer cheap flights to Miami that will leave you some jingle in your pocket for some of Miami’s hottest attractions. Visitors to Miami return again and again because there is literally so much to do that it would take many vacations to soak it all up. While many people come to Miami for its miles upon miles of uninterrupted beaches, there is much more to a visit to Miami than simply basking in the Florida sun. Let’s look at some of the best things to do, events to attend, and things to see on your next trip to sunny Miami, Florida.

South Beach is a great area of Miami that is known among tourists for its abundant shopping opportunities and party-atmosphere, and locals see this part of the city as one its trendiest spots. It is here that you will find a ten block mall; open air eateries, boutiques, and art galleries- and you just might find that you can get lost in South Beach for days without seeing everything that it has to offer.

The Miami Metro Zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos in the nation. The Florida climate allows for a vast number of animals to be housed at the Miami Metro Zoo, and there are a wide variety of animal species from Africa, Australia, and Asia – some that are unique to this zoo that cannot be found anywhere else. The Miami Metro Zoo is a free-range zoo, and the animals are not caged like in typical zoo environments, but rather are grouped by their geographical territory – with animals that are peaceable with one another being in the same exhibit. The Miami Metro Zoo should be a top stop for families heading into Miami – there’s really something to be said about this vast and spectacular zoo.

The Miami Seaquarium is home to exotic and beautiful sea creatures from all over the world. The beautiful weather in Florida provides the right tropical climate for this outdoor aquarium – and the sights are truly spectacular. No visit to Miami is complete without a few hours at the Miami Seaquarium.

The Everglades are fascinating and provide a beautiful backdrop comprising 1 ½ million acres of subtropical jungle, saw grass prairies and swamps that make your Miami vacation feel more authentic. Whether you choose to walk, canoe or camp in the Everglades, you’ll find that it is truly one of the most unique public parks in the U.S. The Everglades is home to fourteen endangered and rare species, including the Florida panther and the American crocodile.

Miami also has an ample supply of museums, with two must-sees being the Miami Science Museum and the Miami Children’s Museum. At the Miami Science Museum, you’ll find unusual exhibits that appeal to the whole family. While there, check out the Weinraub Observatory and the Bird of Prey Research Center – both of which offer a great deal of insight into Florida wildlife. At the Miami Children’s Museum, your kids will find interactive exhibits that allow them to meld in with the museum’s motto of ‘Play, Create, Imagine’. Kids will also love the Monkey Jungle located in the southern part of Dade county which has various species of primates housed in its midst.

No matter where you spend your time while in Miami, you’ll find the best Miami cheap flights by doing a general price comparison before purchase – and by being willing to alternate your dates of travel to the days of the week when airlines are less populated, such as on Tuesday and Wednesday. Book early and you’ll save even more – which means that you’ll spend less on airfare, which leaves you more to spend on fun when you land!


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