They usually say that St. Martin is a holiday island, and people flock over to the island just to have some time off from their busy lives and 다낭 에코걸. And we are quite sure that even you just thought of the same (calm beaches, nice seafood, relaxing breeze and cool pinacoladas) at the very mention of the name St. Martin island (Well, we can’t blame you!).

But did you know that this cool and calm holiday island has another side… a much wilder side, where party animals lurk and have their time throughout the nights. The Dutch side of this holiday island is very notorious (we mean famous… ahem!) for it’s cool nightlife and happening atmosphere full of events and parties.

This area known for it’s famous pubs, bars, casinos and discos is at a stone’s throw from the cool and calm French side. And to be frank, it would be a disastrous idea if one decides to leave the island without visiting the Dutch side.
So, let’s see some of the important aspects of the nightlife in the Dutch side, shall we?

· Casinos where you can have a rendezvous with lady luck, and even date her (The Dutch side has legally sanctioned casinos… if you were wondering about that). There are altogether 15 casinos, and each of them is well equipped to give you a night to remember for the rest of your life.

· And hey, have you ever heard of the Maho village? If not, then you better listen up now. It is a party village known as the mini Las Vegas of the Caribbean. This small holiday village is full of sequins and glitter, lights and music, nightclubs, casinos etc. And yes, it is just next to the international airport (fancy a game of cards, just hours before you leave St. Martin island?).

Well, if that has got you interested to go on a vacation, then better realize that what you have read so far was just a demo glimpse of the nightlife of the island. The full version is much more interesting, and will get you on the edge of your spine with excitement.


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