Lets face it the main reason we bet on the spread market is for profit, بت فا in fact the main reason why we bet and gamble is for profit, yes we bet for the thrill of betting, the excitement it brings and how insignificant sporting events all of a sudden become extremely significant.

There are many theories, guides and strategies on the Internet on how you can make spread betting profitable and successful and I wouldn’t disagree with most of them but on this page I outline what I have found successful in my spread betting career.

This is the single most vital part of spread betting and what I find to be a very enjoyable part, going on the quest for knowledge and information and finding new sources is brilliant. In sports like cricket you should always find out the weather, wicket, team selection and any team rifts but more specifically you need to be able to realise what the likely outcomes are for such events, ask yourself questions will favourites be winning in horse races when the going is good to fair.

In football it makes a massive difference about team morale and rifts in the squad and arguments between players i.e. when Nistlerooy was dropped by Fergie, United’s av.goals per game dropped by roughly 0.3 which has a knock affect on the total goals market. Any bet you make check that you are betting on it for the right reasons not just a hunch factual information is needed to form an opinion valid enough to put a bet on. That is where profit is won and lost (plus a bit of luck).

By completing your betting history into a table such as this you can obtain valuable information over a period of time, such as which sports are returning your interest with money, which markets are best to buy or sell, if any tipsters are actually good at what they do or and if the research you did into the bet paid off. If you are doing research into what betting strategies work for you I would recommend trying to keep to a level stake so you can gauge easily what is successful and what is not.

Always be fully aware of the possible profits and losses of every bet you make before confirming each bet, because as much as a banker that you think a bet is you are still aware of the outcome should it turn on its head. From past experiences I would strongly recommend only dabbling with the markets that you fully understand, by this I mean from the sport you are betting on, to the type of market you are betting on such as total goals

. Many people have got caught out with some markets for example I have read about people thinking that a total goals stake was for each decimal point not per goal, so instead of betting a £200 stake for each goal they placed a £20 stake thinking it was for each decimal point. It turns out the punter won £42 instead of the £420 he thought he was receiving.

Be aware of what effect the weather has on each sport that you back and always do your research on what the weather forecast is for that particular region. For example with cricket if there are thunder storms ahead locally and you know about it before the spread companies get told you can jump on selling total runs for that day and make a killing, or things like sunny Formula 1 races attract much faster lap times than when the wet tyres have to come out.


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